Go for a Smoother Operational Experience

OfficeMate® is one of the optometric industry’s most trusted and widely used on-site practice management software solutions, with more than one-third of computerized eyecare practices using it. OfficeMate functionality simplifies and automates the complexities of your day-to-day operations.  

  • Easy upgrades – The latest version of OfficeMate now prompts you when an update is available, so you don’t need to search for the most recent update. If on version 12 or earlier, click here to get the latest version.  
  • Increased accuracy, improved retention – Automate manual tasks through a seamless integration through every step of the patient journey. Not only does this support accuracy, you also improve patient care, leading to higher patient retention. 
  • Award winning – OfficeMate continues to receive industry awards, highlighting the strength of this software solution. 

We are continually adding to OfficeMate resources, including an extensive training video library

We understand that a practice management solution is a large investment. Schedule a call to learn more about how you can choose the best system to meet your practice needs.