VSP Integration

How it Works

OfficeMate® obtains authorization and eligibility information directly from Eyefinity® so that you can quickly and accurately submit VSP claims. In addition to submitting VSP® insurance claims, you can also submit private lab orders and Rx orders to Eyefinity through the OfficeMate VSP Interface. You cannot submit government or commercial claims (non-VSP claims) to Eyefinity through the OfficeMate VSP interface.

How it Helps You

This interface will save you time and make the task of submitting VSP insurance claims, Rx orders, and private lab orders to Eyefinity easier and less cumbersome. Data entry errors will be reduced and your staff will have more time to care for patients because they will spend less time submitting claim and order information to Eyefinity.

Are There Any Fees?

If you are a VSP provider, we will activate the OfficeMate VSP Interface for you at no additional cost when you purchase OfficeMate. Call Eyefinity at 877.448.0707 to set up the interface. You will not be charged any OfficeMate transaction fees, and, as of June 2011, you will not be charged any Eyefinity transaction fees when you submit insurance claims using the interface. There is also no cost to submit electronic lab orders to VSP-approved labs.

More Information

Log into the Eyefinity Support Community to view the OfficeMate VSP Interface recorded video tutorials to learn more about how this interface works.